Papas Donuteria

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Finally, new game totally new game by Flipline Studios – Papa’s Donuteria! Which means you just got a job at brand new Papa Louie’s Restaurant – Papas Donuteria, which means it’s time take orders and move on to Dough Station. Your very first donut probably needs a regular dough, drag a ball of regular dough onto the work area give it a shape as instructed (follow the ticket instructions), follow rest of the instructions and move on to the Fry Station. As you know, donuts are friend in the fry station, so drag all three donuts into the fryer. And pay attention, donuts float while they cook! Let the bottoms of the donuts fry until its time to flip them. When it’s time, flip them and wait until donuts are fried, take them off the fryer and move on to the Build Station. Time for icing and topping. Well… you can handle the rest…

Papa’s Donuteria looks better than other games from Papa’s Restaurant game series. Better images, better animation and few improvements in the gameplay process: for example, tickets now make more sense. So good luck and have fun frying donuts all the long.

Papas Donuteria Game

Papas Donuteria, 4.6 out of 5 based on 4937 ratings

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