Sugar Sugar 3

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Draw Lines and Get Enough Sugar in the Cups

Sugar Sugar 3 – Latest official sequel to the Sugar Sugar series. Definitely the best among all Sugar Sugar games: Looks better than previous games and all levels are designed with more passion. Not to mention the musical background by Bonte, which is simply awesome and fits the game well. Well, honestly, the music is the same as in the original game, it just sounds better in Sugar Sugar 3, Makes sense? No? oh well, ignore it then. But it was no joke about the game design, it 3rd game looks much better despite the fact all 4 games are built on same tech.

As much as we’d like to surprise you with really cool, new stuff… Not going to happen, just like before, we have nothing new in Sugar Sugar 3, but you’re already used to that. Bonte is taking a safe approach, which is totally understandable, does not want to ruin the “franchise” with silly new features. Not a problem really, the game is really delicious, enjoy and don’t forget to comment.

Sugar Sugar 3

Sugar Sugar 3, 3.9 out of 5 based on 44 ratings

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