Papas Pasteria

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Regular Order Station, Build Station Etc. See the in-game Tutorial For Full Instructions.

Some would say Papa’s Pasteria is no different from rest of the papa’s restaurant management games, but it all depends on perspective; aren’t all restaurant management games similar in concept? Difference is in details: what you cook and what you serve; just because papas flash games have similar game interface, doesn’t mean they’re same. Like Pasteria and for example Papa’s Hot Doggeria are completely different but they have same UI. In Papa’s Pasteria game you get to cook noodles and prepare sauces for it, craft flawless plates of pasta and serve customers. Hot Doggeria on the other hand is a completely different kitchen.

Waterfront Town of Portallini – Home of Papa’s Pasteria

If you’re familiar with Flipline Deck, you might have mentioned Doan and Utah on them, main characters of the game. This time however, you get to create a custom worker and even name them. After traditional intro you jump straight to the restaurant and surprise! First innovation in the game, or rather two of them: First is the new station called “Bread Station” and the second one is “OPEN” tab. Which we’ll discuss later. Everything else though is pretty much the same as in other Papa’s Games: There is an Order Station, Cook Station, Build Station + new one.

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In-game tutorial will explain far better than this reading so follow the instructions on the screen, you can’t do otherwise even if you wanted so.. 1. Take the order; 2. Jump to the Cook Station; and check out the order ticket you received from customer, he will want a macaroni; so drag the jar of macaroni pasta onto a free pot strainer and wait for pasta too cook, keep an eye on an indicator, don’t forget to stir it when pasta is half cooked. Take it out of the boiling water when its cooked, wait for the water to drain, put the paste onto a plate and jump to the build station. Now the fun part begins. As you discover in build station, customer wants papa’s marinara so click the sauce jar and select it. Press and hold on the plate of pasta to pour sauce onto the pasta noodles. Now its time to add some parmesan cheese, easy to do, simply drag the shaker above the pasta and start pouring.

** Note: when pouring paste or sauce make sure you follow the indicator arrow on the screen. **

Add some meatballs (5 to be precise) by dragging them onto the pasta, distribute them on the plate so the look nice. Indicators will show you the best place to put meatballs.

Bread Station – New Station only Available in Papa’s Pasteria

The next step, before serving is the Bread Station – The customer ordered garlic breadstick so drag the breadstick onto the conveyor to send it into the toaster. Bread will automatically move through the conveyor and once it is out, grab it on place it onto the plate with pasta. You are now ready to serve your very first customer. Enjoy the game.

Papas Pasteria, 4.6 out of 5 based on 4692 ratings

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